The GovCon Roadmap is specifically designed for small business owners and sales professionals so they can learn how to consistently win 6-8 figure contracts with the US military and other federal agencies.

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Why most people fail at selling to the US government


As a former US military acquisitions officer I managed over $80B in federal contracts for just about everything you can think of.

Acquisitions is the profession of putting companies on contract for the federal government and through out my career I got to see first hand what successful companies did in order to consistently win contracts. For these businesses, whether it was a landscaping company or a cybersecurity small business, federal contracting revenue could be transformational.

Unfortunately, I also saw the mistakes made by businesses that never or rarely won contracts. They wasted time and resources focusing on the wrong things. It wasn't their fault, most of these companies had great capabilities, but just didn't understand the steps they needed to take to sell to the US military and other federal offices.

Despite a few well intentioned websites, books and programs that claimed to offer training on federal sales, they were not taught by someone who had actually put companies on contract for the government (often they were written or taught by someone who had also never sold anything to the government)!

In the end, most business owners and sales professionals had to learn by trial and error and often gave up before learning the simple steps that their business needed to take in order to win 6-8 figure government contracts.

You have an amazing product, technology, or service that the US government spends millions (or billions) on each year. But unless you know the right formula for success, you won't be able to make a positive impact on the lives of our US military members, increase our national security or generate a significant source of revenue from the public sector.


DoD Contract Academy specifically designed the GovCon Roadmap on demand training for information technology small businesses. This is what you need to do, step by step, to start consistently selling to the US government while avoiding the common pitfalls that cost time and money! 

With The GovCon Roadmap You Get:

  • A proven step-by-step process to go from idea to government contact award so you can have the confidence you are working on the right things, in the right order.
  • The inside track from a former government procurement officer.
  • Confidence in your niche so you know you won't go through all the effort of trying to sell a product or service that the US government doesn't actually buy.
  • Gain the competitive advantage with a government customer that will provide an additional stream of revenue and increase the stability and valuation of your small business.

The GovCon Roadmap...


Intro & Foundations

Here we'll get you in the right mindset for succeeding in federal sales and make sure you're prepared with all the tools and tech you'll need.


Picking (or Confirming) Your Niche

Haven't nailed your niche? No problem. In this module we'll walk you through the process of nailing down or confirming both your broad niche and specific niche based on federal spending, so you can be sure you're targeting a federal office that actually buys what you sell.


Registering Your Business

You can't sell to the federal government without official registration and obtaining the proper codes. We walk you through all of that and also certifications that you may qualify for.


Determine Your Federal Customer

It's not time to start selling to the government yet, but it is time to design your sales plan. Use Ricky's unique process for designing a world-class transformational federal sales plan that targets the exact government offices that buy your product or service.


Finding Opportunities

Discovering opportunities BEFORE  a solicitation comes out is criticaly important for your success. In this module Ricky walks you through the steps and tools needed to find opportunities early and gain the competitive advantage.


Build a Pipeline of Leads

Most people are terrible at building a pipeline of legitimate leads with the federal government. Learn the proven methods used to manage leads with target customers and turn them into closed deals.


Government Relationship Building 

You don't have to have a government background or prior military experience in order to develop relationships with the right people in the federal marketplace. Learn how to build a network of government and military personnel that can actually buy what you are selling!


Winning the Contract Before the Solicitation

This is the key to winning contracts consistently with the US government. It's the work you do before a Request For Proposal (RFP) or Request For Quote (RFQ) comes out that wins you the contract. Learn the process of influencing opportunities so the government wants to work with you!


Step by Step Roadmap

It's time to connect all the final pieces and create a custom step by step roadmap that you business can easily execute to win federal contracts. 


Go Time

You made it. You now have a beautifully crafted government sales plan, pipeline and roadmap. You have the knowledge you need to win government contracts and the support you need from experts at DoD Contract Academy to help you along the way. Let's turn everything on and watch the magic happen.

But that's not all! DoD Contract Academy comes with these BONUSES to make the whole process easier...

Bonus #1: Capabilities Statement

You'll get DoD Contract Academy's done-for-you Capabilities Statement template so you know exactly what to say in order to resonate with government purchasing teams.

Bonus #2: Teaming and Federal Communication Email Scripts

You'll get our  email templates which have been responsible for generating multiple teaming partnerships establishing communication with federal offices.

Bonus #3: World-Class Networking in a Private Community

Distraction-free, high level conversations with other ambitious A-players. Form teaming agreements, learn best practices and gain the support and encouragement to help you win.

Bonus #4: Free Upgrade to DoD Contract Academy's "Advanced Federal Sales Stage".

Once you learn the basics there are many techniques that I and other successful businesses have used to find and close deals in the public sector. Get instant access to these tactics and strategies used by the worlds most elite account executives.

What Others Are Saying

Oliver Noteware

CEO | Street Smart VR

"The DoD Contract Academy are world class experts on the US federal contracting process. I highly recommend and consider them trusted advisors!"

- $15.4M in federal contracts

Ray Sefrhans


"DoD Contract Academy helped us identify and win a spot in the AFWERX Challenge showcase! I highly recommend Ricky to all companies looking to sell products, services or a new technology to the US military."

- $12.7M in federal contracts

Claudean Ostrom

Director of Operations | L2 Cyber Solutions

"As a company that has been in the federal space for 12+ years we needed to realign our growth goals. Ricky was able to look at our past performance, analyze our business, and build a targeted implementation plan. 

- $9.5M in federal contracts

What You're Gonna Get...

  The GovCon Roadmap................................................................ $12,500 Value

 Done-For-You Capability Statement Template.......................... $4,500 Value

 My Teaming & Government Email Scripts................................... $4,500 Value

 World-Class Networking in a Private Community..................... $4,500 Value

   Free Upgrade to "Advanced Federal Sales Techniques"............... $7,500 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $33,500


GovCon Roadmap


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Signing up for a program like DoD Contract Academy is a big deal.

It's potentially life-altering.

But you also don't want to just throw money down the drain for a program that "might not work" or you "might never get to".

I get it. Trust me I do.

That's why I want you to make a truly informed decision.

And you can only do that once you are on the inside, actually using the program.

Try for 7 days. Consume all the content if you want. Take advantage of everything you can for 7 days. And if you don't feel like it's the perfect program to help you reach your goals then cancel your subscription at no cost.  No questions asked and no hard feelings. And if you want, I'll also audit your situation and provide you my recommended path forward so you can still make progress to your goals, whether that's another program, a book, or just general advice.

My goal is to increase the number of small businesses selling to the US military and other federal agencies and I want you to succeed even if it's outside of DoD Contract Academy!

More Success Stories


"In 2022 we are on 55 or 60 military installations... There's a demand, there's a need, there's a willingness to pay." 

- Oliver Noteware | CEO Street Smart VR


"What went the best was how thankful the DoD was... I just used a lot of the things that you taught me during your lessons."

- Koren Wise | Wise Technical Innovations

In case I missed anything, here's some commonly asked questions...


The GovCon Roadmap


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