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A Letter From Lt Col (Ret) Ricky Howard


I have something for you that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

It's a program I've created that will transform your career.

I've taken every single thing you need to win defense contracts and put it into one program.

Until now only large defense companies and people in the "know" have had access to this information.


Imagine this

A step by step model that shows you how to consistently sell to the US military.

Weekly sessions from former DoD acquisitions officers for training, guidance and Q&A.

A community of like minded business owners for teaming, support and information.

Access to every course I've ever created.

Recorded coaching sessions with other companies and sales executives.

Access to every acquisitions professional interview I've ever recorded.

You will have the competitive advantage and be proficient in:


            Defense Sales Planning             Developing Relationships                 SBIR/STTR

            Competitor Analysis                   Influencing Requirements               OTA        

            Identifying Customers                Sub-Contracting                                 Proposal Writing

            Foreign Military Sales                 Finding Opportunities                      Contract Vehicles

            Advanced Techniques                Marketing to the DoD                       Contract Strategy          


I've charged as much as $45K to work one on one with clients on just one of these areas.

But, my goal is to increase the number small businesses selling to the US military.

So, I've taken all of this and priced it so low that everyone can afford to have access to the information they need to be successful.

I welcome you to search for a program that specifically helps small businesses win defense contracts, that's led by a former defense acquisitions officer who not only directed Billions in defense contracts, but has also won them for companies as a civilian. You will see that this is the only program like this.

We've helped hundreds of small businesses, sales teams, entrepreneurs, start-ups and executives.

We've helped companies that have specialized in everything from construction, accounting & office supplies to cyber security, SAAS, and enterprise data management.

My clients have made well over $100 Million selling products and services to the US military.

So what if I gave this all to you for $299 a month?

You can stay for one month or for six years.

You can cancel at any time.


But why would you?


You simply enroll and do the following:

Watch our intro/orientation classes to learn how to best use the DoD Contract Academy.

Take the DoD Contract Road Map training at your own pace.

Attend the weekly Group Coaching Call or watch the recording.

Make connections in the DoD Contract forum.

Post your success stories and learn from others.

The value is clear.

It’s like nothing you have ever seen.


I feel so confident that you will love it, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you join the DoD Contract Academy, learn the road map and participate in the coaching sessions and forum for one month and don’t think you got at least double the value of what you paid, I will give you your money back.

No questions asked.

Go ahead and compare my offer to anything on the internet.

Compare my students’ results to any other program.

It’s astounding.

This is why we are the best program for small business defense sales in the world.



I’m a former US military acquisitions officer that has managed over $82 Billion in DoD contracts.

It is imperative that we have more small businesses providing superior solutions, products and services to the US military.

This is my life’s purpose.

And I teach you everything I know in the DoD Contract Academy.

Join the Academy now.

You have nothing to lose.

Enjoy it for one month and see what is possible! 

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"The DoD Contract membership is unparalleled for training, community and coaching! Ricky literally walked me step by step from registering a business for defense sales through advanced techniques to sell to the DoD. This training simply doesn't exist anywhere else and combined with access to live group coaching from former acquisitions officers it is simply one of the best investments I've made. Highly recommend!"


Craig Pritzky, Chief Business Development Officer (Emerging Technologies)


"Richard and his team solved a major defense contracting hurdle for us. They provided expert advice and generated an official acquisitions contract response which paid for their service and then some. Highly Recommend!"


Lindsay Helm, CEO, Empower Employ


Richard's background as a DoD acquisitions officer, expertise in government contracting and proven track record helping companies in the federal marketplace literally puts him in the top 1% of consultants in this field. He is a key resource for my company and I consider him a trusted advisor. Highly recommend his services to any business looking to increase business with the US government!


Marcos Ibarra, Principal, ICG LLC


Richard and his team are world class experts on the US federal contracting process. They provide my company with routine expertise on difficult problem sets that include: business development strategy, requirement development, federal funding, sole source contracting and Foreign Military Sales (FMS). I highly recommend Richard C. Howard & Associates and consider them trusted advisors!


Oliver Noteware, Co-Founder & CEO, Street Smart VR

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