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$13.5M in Government Contracts

"Richard took the time to educate our team about the various mechanisms for bidding on and funding government contracts... I highly recommend!"

Zach Huffman | SOFware LLC

$12.7M in Government Contracts

"DoD Contract Academy helped us identify and win a spot in the AFWERX Challenge showcase! I highly recommend Ricky to all companies looking to sell products, services or a new technology to the US military."

Ray Sefrhans


$9.5M in Government Contracts

 "As a company that has been in the federal space for 12+ years we needed to realign our growth goals. Ricky was able to look at our past performance, analyze our business, and build a targeted implementation plan. 

Claudean Ostrom

Director of Operations | L2 Cyber Solutions


Trying to Sell To The US Government Is Overwhelming

If you don't have a plan...


1. You waste time chasing ideas that don’t move the needle

2. You guess instead of following a process

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed. We don’t want that for you. DoD Contract Academy has given thousands of business owners a plan for growing revenue. Our plan will work for you too.

Learn A Six Step Plan To Grow A Government Contracting Business

Step 1

Business on a Mission 

Learn the guiding principals that will set you up for consistent federal government sales and motivate your entire team. 

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Step 2

Determine Your Niche

Optimize the product or service you offer to best align with government purchasing, your revenue goals and competition.

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Step 3

The Government Marketing Framework

Learn how to create relationships and communicate your solution so the government wants to put you on contract.

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Step 4

Building a Sales Engine

Learn how government contracts are really won and start building your pipeline. 

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Step 5

Organize Your Workflow

Clearly establish key systems and responsibilities in your business for focused growth.  

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Step 6

Expert Advice

Get on weekly calls with our team of former government procurement officers and top public sector executives to solve problems, streamline your process while getting our eyes on your business to ensure success.

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Our Students Are Killing It!


- Your Plan For Growing Your Business -


DoD Contract Academy

The US military is required to buy 23% of their products and services from small businesses. They buy everything from food and office supplies to landscaping, legal services and high end technology.

If you are selling it odds are the DoD and other federal agencies are buying it, and get this...

Less than 1% of small businesses sell to the US Military!

This is a huge opportunity for small business owners and the Academy will help you to start consistently selling to the US military and other federal agencies.

The DoD Contract Academy is a perfect fit for small business owners that want to start consistently selling to the US military and significantly increase their annual revenue.


Certification Program 

If you're considering a profession in defense contracting or you are a business owner and would like your employees to be trained and certified in the process for selling to the US government then this is for you.

In order to achieve certification all students must complete program course materiel and pass written tests. Additionally, each student is required to create a business development plan and pipeline of opportunities that adheres to our step by step method.

Certification takes up to 3 months to complete. All graduates will receive our recommendation on LinkedIn, reference for resume/website and our Military Sales Certification.


Launch Your Defense Contracting Business.

Build A Pipeline Of Defense Contract Opportunities

Consistently Win 6-8 Figure Contracts

Ray Sefrhans


“DoD Contract Academy helped us identify and win a spot in the AFWERX Challenge Showcase! I highly recommend DoD Contract Academy to all companies looking to sell products, services or a new technology to the US military."

Arpit Malaviya


"Richard’s in depth knowledge of funding and various contracting mechanisms provides the ability to help shape acquisitions agreements from both the government & company sides of a deal and we highly recommend his services!”

Claudean Ostrom

Director of Operations | L2 Cyber Solutions

"As a company that has been in the federal space for 12+ years we needed to realign our growth goals. Richard was able to look at our past performance analyze our business and build a targeted implementation plan. Richard's experience gives us great confidence in the roadmap he developed for us."

DoD Contract Academy Teaches Our Framework For Consistent Defense Contract Success.

Below are just a sample of the many courses available on demand.

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Why DOD Contract Academy?

We understand the confusion small businesses feel when selling to the US government.

Figuring out who to talk to, what opportunities to go after, and how to win them can be frustrating. 

One thing I learned as a procurement officer for the Department of Defense is that companies win contracts by the actions they take BEFORE a solicitation ever comes out!

I created DoD Contract Academy to give small business owners, and their teams, a step by step formula they can use to be successful. The key to avoiding mistakes that cost time AND money is to have a focused plan that is proven to drive results. 

I want you to experience the thrill of winning government contracts and the stability they can provide for your business.

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The DoD Buys Everything From Office Supplies & Construction Services to Cutting Edge Technology!

Less than 1% of small business 's sell to the US military despite the fact that over 23% of military spending is dedicated to small business contracts each year! 

In our free training we show you how to quickly determine how much the DoD spends each year on your product or service so you can decide if selling to the US Military is right for you.

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