How to Use for Government Contract Relationships government contracts industry days meetings Apr 19, 2024

In our latest podcast episode from the DoD Contract Academy, we dive deep into utilizing to not only find but also prepare for contracting opportunities well ahead of their formal announcements.

Understanding is the official U.S. government system that consolidates the...

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Mastering Government Contracts: The Unconventional Wisdom of SAM.GOV Apr 09, 2024

In the labyrinth of government contracting, navigating SAM.GOV is akin to discovering a hidden map filled with untold treasures. Ricky, a former government procurement officer with an impressive portfolio of managing over $82 billion in contracts, shatters conventional wisdom with his insights....

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Luke Robertson | Director,  Business Development | Honeywell


"DoD Contract Academy's government contracting knowledge is literally unmatched. Ricky's experience both as an acquisitions officer for the US government and as the head of a consultancy helping businesses navigate the federal marketplace gives him a unique "both sides of the coin" perspective. He's saved me hundreds of hours in research and provided spot on advice. I Recommend him to any company who wants to successfully and consistently sell services or goods to the US government!"

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