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government contracts industry days meetings Apr 19, 2024

In our latest podcast episode from the DoD Contract Academy, we dive deep into utilizing to not only find but also prepare for contracting opportunities well ahead of their formal announcements.

Understanding is the official U.S. government system that consolidates the capabilities of multiple systems, including CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS. It is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to do business with the federal government. From finding contract opportunities to understanding the intricacies of federal requirements, offers a comprehensive platform to help you navigate the federal marketplace.

Setting Up Meetings Before Solicitations

One of the key strategies to increase your chances of winning a government contract is to engage early. Our podcast highlights how businesses can use to set up meetings with the relevant federal agencies long before the solicitation for contracts is issued. This proactive approach allows companies to not only express interest but also to understand the specific needs of the agency, tailor their offerings accordingly, and build a relationship that could be beneficial in the formal bidding process.

Navigating Industry Days

Industry days and similar events are crucial for companies looking to break into or expand their presence in the government sector. lists these events, providing businesses with a golden opportunity to meet government representatives, ask questions, and gather the information needed to prepare for future contracts. These events are often listed under "Special Notices" on, and attending them can give you a leg up on the competition by allowing direct interaction with key decision-makers.

Leveraging Special Notices

The podcast episode also explores how to effectively use the "Special Notices" section of This section can include a range of notifications, including upcoming projects, modifications to current contracts, and advance notices of potential contracting opportunities. By monitoring these notices, businesses can gain insights into government requirements early in the process and prepare their proposals or products to meet these specific demands.

Practical Steps to Utilize

To effectively use for setting up meetings and tracking opportunities, our episode outlines several practical steps:

  1. Register and set up a proper account on Ensure your business information is accurate and comprehensive.
  2. Use the search function effectively: Filter opportunities by domain, date, and type of notice to find the most relevant contracts.
  3. Attend industry days: Register for and attend industry days to network with government officials and gain insight into upcoming projects.
  4. Follow up: After attending events or identifying potential opportunities, follow up diligently with the contacts you've made to remain top of mind.


Understanding and utilizing can transform the way your business approaches government contracting. By proactively engaging with the platform, attending industry events, and leveraging the available data, companies can significantly enhance their prospects in the competitive field of government contracting.


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