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Sometimes You Need To Help The Government Know What It Wants (Podcast Transcript)
Sometimes You Need To Help The Government Know What It Wants (Podcast Transcript) federal marketing federal sales mindset gov sales relationship based selling Oct 22, 2022

                         [00:00] Richard C. Howard: Hey guys, Ricky here with, host of the DOD Contract Academy podcast. And we help small businesses sell...

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How I Closed My First Contract In 5 Weeks 5 week gov contract gov contract quick wins relationship based selling Sep 01, 2022

At this point you probably know I spent 20 years in the USAF and roughly half of that was as a procurement officer.

What you may not know is that I started a consulting company when I retired and immediately began helping small and non traditional companies sell products and services sell to the...

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Luke Robertson | Director,  Business Development | Honeywell


"DoD Contract Academy's government contracting knowledge is literally unmatched. Ricky's experience both as an acquisitions officer for the US government and as the head of a consultancy helping businesses navigate the federal marketplace gives him a unique "both sides of the coin" perspective. He's saved me hundreds of hours in research and provided spot on advice. I Recommend him to any company who wants to successfully and consistently sell services or goods to the US government!"

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