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The GovCon Newsletter: 11 March 2024

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Welcome to the first edition of the "The GovCon"

In each edition, we'll delve into several areas that can propel your GovCon business forward. Those areas are:


  1. Government Contracting Niche Spotlight
  2. Opportunity of the Week
  3. Recommended Event or Conference
  4. GovCon Tool & App overview
  5. Pro GovCon Sales Tip


We keep it short and sweet and give you just the data points you need. 

Government contracting is a field where the right knowledge can transform opportunities into successes. 

Thank you for subscribing, and let's get into this week's edition.

Government Contracting Niche Spotlight: Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accountants are pulling in an INSANE amount of selling their services to the US government!

It's one of those areas most people don't connect to government contracting.

Here are the last 3 years of federal spending on accounting related services according to

FY 2023: $2.26B

FY 2022: $1.85B

FY 2021: $1.72B

The spending is increasing year over year which is a good thing if you're a CPA! We helped a client recently focus on bookkeeping services due to the federal spending and low competition with their target federal office.

Opportunity of the Week: User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA) SBIR

This week, we spotlight a promising Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) opportunity focused on revolutionizing network security within the Army’s Tactical Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). **See this week's pro tip for advice on winning SBIR funding!

The objective is to develop an advanced User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA) capability that not only enhances authentication processes but also ensures the security of mission-critical services, such as warfighting applications, through precise role-based access control. This cutting-edge UEBA solution aims to bolster the cybersecurity posture of tactical networks significantly, leveraging existing data and employing advanced analytics to detect behavioral anomalies.

**With phases ranging from a feasibility proof of concept to a fully functional prototype demonstrating AI/ML pattern recognition, this SBIR project offers a unique opportunity for businesses to contribute to a more secure, efficient, and resilient military network infrastructure.

You can find the this opportunity at Search for A24-013 or UEBA

Pro Tip

This weeks tip centers around the SBIR process and is linked to the opportunity above. Small business innovative research contracts are a great way for start ups to capture funding in order to develop or modify an existing technology without giving away part of their company to investors. There are multiple SPIR topics at

Obtaining a letter of support from a federal office interested in your technology can help push it across the finish line. SBIR is getting more competitive and understanding the use case will give you the insight you need to develop a proposal that will resonate. Typically, there is a period of time that you are allowed to speak with the TPOC. We recommend calling so you can get as much information as possible!

For an in-depth overview of what SBIR is and how to win them, check out the below DOD contract Academy podcast episode which deep dives with entrepreneurs that captured millions of dollars to develop their solutions instead of using venture capital or seed funding!

Event Spotlight

When I'm looking for a conference for an event to attend, with the purpose of selling to the US government there is one priority that overrides all else for me, and that is there better be more government attendees that industry!

There are many events and conferences being put together by well intentioned companies that will try to sell you expensive sponsorship and attendance packages.

Many of these will have hundreds (or thousands) of industry folks, but very few government personnel.

Having a booth at a conference can pay off tremendously, but the conference must be well attended by government and military personnel that can make purchases from you or influence the process in some way.

This weeks event spotlight is the USAF Airlift Tanker Association symposium. It's a few months off but I recommend you look at reserving a spot now.

Why attend?

USAF personnel look forward to attending this event each year. Informative and inspiring speeches by day, corn hole competitions and live music by night.

Industry will be outnumbered at this event by military and government personnel.

Senior leadership walkthroughs of the industry area guarantee face time with DoD decision makers.

Possibility to dialogue with the users of your solution, requirements personnel, contracting officers as well as senior leaders make this an amazing event. Not to mention corn hole...

GovCon Tool & App overview

It can be overwhelming deciding which tools to use for opportunity identification, research, teaming, the list goes on...

Many tools start looking a lot like each other but there's one that has stand out to me I came out over the past two years and that's govly.

What makes GOVLY different is it gives you the ability to see opportunities that may not be released on (GSA, NASA SEWP etc.). I'm not going into all that's involved with that in this blog, but I recommend heading too their site and checking it out for your self.


In this first issue of "The GovCon," we've highlighted key areas including the growth in government spending on Accounting & Bookkeeping, a SBIR opportunity in UEBA to enhance network security, and the USAF Airlift Tanker Association symposium for unparalleled networking opportunities. Plus, discover how GOVLY can streamline your opportunity searches.

For further training, coaching, or deeper insights, visit Don't miss out on future editions—subscribe to "The GovCon" now for the latest in government contracting.

Lt. Col. Ret. Rick Howard served as a procurement officer for the DoD, managing $82 billion in contracts for the US government. Founding DoD Contract Academy, he has successfully advised over 500 clients, securing hundreds of millions in federal contracts. Dive into his top-rated podcast for insider knowledge and explore for specialized training and coaching.


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