Why Are The Best Roofing Leads Coming From The US Government in 2023?

roofing lead generation roofing leads seo for roofers Nov 29, 2023

It would probably surprise you that the US government spent over $444M this year on contracts with roofing contractors.

Last years numbers are even higher with the gov spending at $492M!

So why are roofers in such high demand? 

First, like most other industries, very few roofing companies engage in the government contracting process. Despite the fact that the fed is required to make ~ 23% of purchases from small businesses, we are still seeing a year over year decline in small business participation.

What this means is that less than 1% of roofing companies out there are taking advantage of the enormous federal spend in this sector.

Keeping in mind that every military base is essentially a small town complete with residential and commercial buildings, it's not surprising that The DoD leads the charge in roofing projects put on contract. 

So my next question is "what states are benefitting the most"?

After all many small roofing companies are local businesses so contractors are interested in the location that the works is taking place.

California leads the charge with $149M spent in the past 5 years followed by Florida at $145M. Our research  shows that most US States have federal work related to roofing.

Pro Tip: If you are a roofer and are looking for these type of contracts, you want to identify them months before an official solicitation comes out!

Check out our YouTube episode on how to find opportunities for government contracting here: https://youtu.be/6r5Jrp_x3IM?si=lgdY5OL1RGm_Y9bY




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