Applying Military Precision to Government Contracting

May 23, 2024

Most of you know me as a government contract expert and former DoD procurement officer, but my career began in a somewhat different theater. The first half of my career was dedicated to flying intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft as a navigator. This experience heavily influenced how I approach government acquisitions, selling, and almost everything else in my professional life. It's this unique perspective that I bring to our training at GovClose Training Academy, and it's why our students consistently find success in the complex world of government contracting.

Strategic Planning: From Air Missions to Acquisition Missions

In the Air Force, every mission starts with detailed flight planning. We wouldn't just know our destination but every detail about how to get there: the route, alternate paths in case of contingencies, where we might encounter resistance, and what resources we needed. Similarly, in government contracting, you need a strategic plan that defines not just your goals but all the steps to reach them. You need to know who buys what you're selling, which government offices need your products or services, how these offices conduct their purchasing, and what challenges and advantages you might face. This comprehensive understanding sets the stage for crafting targeted strategies that enhance your likelihood of securing government contracts.


Executing with Discipline

Just as maintaining a precise flying log is critical in aviation, using a sophisticated CRM system like GovClose CRM to track each application through precise steps is vital in government contracting. This disciplined approach allows you to effectively manage your pipeline, assess the worth of each opportunity, track conversion rates, and make adjustments based on what leads convert and what doesn’t. This precise tracking is similar to a pilot maintaining detailed logs, ensuring that every part of the process is accounted for and that you're always prepared for the next step.

Continuous Feedback and Adjustment

Post-mission debriefs are integral to military operations, offering a chance to analyze what worked and what didn’t. This principle is directly applicable to government contracting. At GovClose Training Academy, we emphasize the importance of analyzing every interaction with potential clients and every submitted proposal to refine techniques and strategies continually.

A Personal Invitation

I invite you to bring the same rigor and precision to your journey into government contracting by joining our free training session at GovClose Training Academy. Here, we apply these principles to prepare you thoroughly for your own government contracting missions. You’ll also benefit from a free advisory session, where we can discuss your specific challenges and opportunities in government contracting.

Sign up for our free training and advisory session today and learn how to apply the disciplined, strategic approach of military operations to your government contracting endeavors. Let’s prepare you not just to compete, but to win.

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