Ask These 3 Questions To Win Government Contracts 🏆

Oct 06, 2023

The average small business selling to the US government earned $2.34M a year in 2021. If you want to sell to the US government, you need to be prepared to talk to them!

In this episode of the DoD Contract Academy podcast, I go over how you talk to government procurement officers about your business, what no to say and the three BIG questions you need to ask. If you want to implement a plan to win government contracts and double your current revenue, this is your time!

Sure, you could keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully grow your revenue at a decent pace. OR… you could join DoD Contract Academy where we’ll help you implement a plan to start or expand sales with the federal government and double your revenue.

If you’re serious about implementing a plan to grow your business and revenue, DoD Contract Academy is for you!

Most business owners play it safe when it comes to revenue goals. If you want to see growth, you need to set aggressive goals and reverse-engineer a plan to get there.

But how can you know what’s going to actually move the needle? If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting a lot of time and energy that don’t make a significant impact on your bottom line.

In today’s episode, Richard Howard walks you through a practical exercise that will help you reverse-engineer a plan to add revenue with government contracts. If you’re tired of being stuck at the same revenue year after year, this episode is for you! -- Join DoD Contract Academy at 

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"DoD Contract Academy helped us identify and win a spot in the AFWERX Challenge showcase! I highly recommend to all companies looking to sell products, services or a new technology to the US military."

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