Why You Should Attend Government Conferences

#a/ta #defense conference #government conference #government contract Nov 26, 2023

This is the transcript from a recent interview I conducted with clients I took to a recent defense conference.

The main takeaways are that speaking with decision makers and government personnel can give you use cases and leads for your product or service that you would not otherwise be able to get.

Relationships win contracts and there is almost no better way to create those relationships then to attend the right conference.

Pro tip: Get a booth!

[00:00:00] We have a couple of different companies here, right? We have a bundle ar and we have Dex Tech, I wanna talk about the power of going to a conference like this and connecting what [00:00:10] you do and what you do with the war fighter. 

For you, this is your first, this is your first defense conference. Yeah, I went to aerospace and cyber, but this is the big thing. Yeah, I love this one too. John,

[00:00:20] you are a seasoned pro at going to conferences. Maybe we can start with that, is there any differences that you've seen with going to a conference like this? 

With defense in particular.

[00:00:30] That is different from maybe doing a conference on the commercial side. I like the camaraderie. Camaraderie with all the people here. I like the whole environment. 

[00:00:40] they're truly looking for solutions. It was very encouraging for us. Yeah, one of the biggest things that people have a problem with is actually connecting what they do with what the warfighter actually needs. And you have to

[00:00:50] talk to people to do that. 

It's not just looking for, an RFP, right? Correct. How many use cases, because obviously I'm working with you guys. How many use cases can we find out just because we were talking to the [00:01:00]users, the general officers, the colonels, when you hear folks in their environment talking about what they need, it's almost an unfiltered conversation that you could never have over Zoom, honestly, [00:01:10] you could never have accepted an in person environment like this, and especially, what I'll add is, having been to several like science type, research conferences, when military personnel [00:01:20] come there, they're actually guarded. 

Because they are the other there, right? Whereas here, this is the environment for military personnel. You're a PhD, right? So you're a lot smarter than I am. That's not

[00:01:30] true. That is true. 

We don't know. We know that's true, right? But now you're the only civilian basically in this room full of military personnel, hearing about the use

[00:01:40] case and connecting like in DexTech's case, right? So we have a lot of different companies that provide technologies. Absolutely. Bundle AI being one of them. 

So now you have the ability. to connect, three or four different things to provide a

[00:01:50] solution. Never would have even known about the use case if you hadn't sat in that room. We're shooting in the dark without the use case as folks in the private sector, we're shooting in the dark. 

 So a space

[00:02:00] like this, it doesn't work without a space. Yeah. Cause you're no longer shooting in the dark it's really valuable to be here. And I think. In terms of strategy this is going to be a high [00:02:10] value to get better and to improve our pitches and improve our conversation with customers. 

Alright, this is there's a reason that these exist, right? Great. Thanks guys. Thanks.  


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